Green Technical Education and Employment
1026 Florin Road #152
Sacramento, CA 95831
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About Green Technical Education and Employment
The Vision

Green Technical Education and Employment (Green Tech) trains and develops pupils with emerging green collar skills, making them proficient in building design and construction trades, science, entrepreneurship and engineering. Green skills, focusing on clean energy, environmental protection and energy efficiency to provide career opportunities for youth from traditionally underserved communities.  

Our Mission

Green Tech is committed to job creation, training, career development and entrepreneurial opportunities in the clean energy economy. We develop sustainable communities with innovative economic development strategies. Our mission is to train and develop people with emerging green collar skills, introducing them to building design and construction trades, science, technology and engineering. Green Tech activities emphasize environmental protection to provide career opportunities for youth from low-income and disadvantaged communities. Green Tech develops workforce skills and improves overall health conditions by reducing human impact on the environment.

Service Population

High School and College Students 
Ages 15-25
Foster Youth and Emancipated Foster Youth
Young Adults Re-entering Society 

Career Industry

Small Business Development
Building and Construction Trades
Environmental Management
Public Utilities
About Us 

Green Technical Education and Employment (Green Tech) is a community-based oganization charged with providing quality workforce skills, education and healthy strategies to maintain sustainable communities.

The Green Tech non-profit collaborates with community partners to stimulate economic development by means of academic and professional engagement of high school students and young adults from economically disadvantaged communities.

Green Tech is organized to address multiple academic and economic deficiencies in communities of color and regions of lower economic status.

Registered students receive academic and career technical education to develop proficiency and networking opportunities for the necessary resources to secure gainful employment, management and create jobs in the green economic sector.

Green Tech staff and its partners are committed to enriching the lives of young men and women. The program gives them successful living skills from community leaders determined to lower the school drop out rate, the high rate of incarceration and recidivism and dedicated to increasing the level of self-sufficiency, and productive human assets for a more sustained and prosperous community.

Who We Are

Alpha Academy

The Alpha Academy is a monthly workshop, that brings adult male professionals together with male high school and middle school students (12 through 18 years of age) to discuss decision making skills, motivation, academic performance, teen pregnancy prevention, career goals, and contemporary challenges. 

Cosumnes River College 

California's Greenforce Initiative is directly admistered throughout the state's community college districts. CRC serves as critical education partner toward implementing the state's clean energy workforce goals.

California Black Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber builds coalitions to actively promote economic development and youth entrepreneurship and advocates policies which improve business opportunities for African Americans.  Provides programs and services to strengthen its members in their regions of operation.