Green Tech Education
  1.  Green Collar Instruction
    Green Collar Instruction
    We provide an overview of the Green Collar Economy and offer presentations on emerging principles in manufacturing, construction trades, public utilities, transportation and environmental protection careers. Lessons include soft skills, vocabulary exercises and workforce ethics.
  2. Computer Programming
    Computer Programming
    Intro to computer programming and coding for youth ages 12-19. Students learn basic computer commands, html, java script and CSS. Students are introduced to computer concepts in animation and graphic arts as starting blocks to more complex computer engineering and science techniques.
  3. Green Tech Tours
    Green Tech Tours
    Students experience innovative, state-of- the-art technology and real-life exposure to the emerging clean energy economy. We visit professional businesses that incorporate a form of clean energy and green, environmentally friendly principles in their business model.

Giving Youth An Eco-Advantage

Green Tech offers innovative workforce skills to youth and young adults in frontline communities with an emphasis on environmental protection, justice and economic development. Our activities focus on career opportunities in construction, manufacturing, utilities, transportation and environmental management. 

Our program prepares opportunity youth for careers contributing to energy efficiency, renewable energy and overall efforts to develop sustainable communities.

Green Tech students are taught the core element of "Going Green" is to improve living and health conditions for all humans sharing the earth.  Our goal is to develop quality business development and workforce skills for a cleaner environment through smart, social, economic and human development strategies

Urban Farming, Urban Forestry, Aquaponics, Solar Technology, Weatherization, Energy Efficiency, Computer Programming, 3-D Printing, Arduino, Construction Trades, Landscaping, General Labor